I am a licensed teacher in the State of Texas, certified in Art EC - 12, and generalist 4-8.  I have been a workshop assistant since 2011, and have been giving solo public demonstrations and workshops since 2012.  I enjoy teaching and can give demonstration based, and hands on workshops in any number of subjects.  Including, but not limited to Teacher Professional Development courses of various lengths, Making Pots out of round, Wheel-throwing and Handbuilding for all skill levels,  Production Pottery, Making and using your own glazes, Alternative firing methods, Kiln Firing classes and workshops for Updraft, Downdraft, hard brick soft brick, Salt, Soda, Reduction, Electric Kiln operation, Studio Safety, Experimental clay.  I can also work with you in order to create a custom class or workshop to fit you or your organization's specific needs.

Have Tools, Will travel.

While based in San Angelo, TX, I am available to travel to any location, and will travel anywhere within 5 hours at no extra cost.  Beyond that I will travel by plane or vehicle as needed, costs arranged on a case by case basis.

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I am available to be booked for public demonstrations, or demonstration workshops that are designed to show my process while in the studio, and offer unlimited opportunity for participant questions and tips and tricks.  I am an engaging presenter, and I work successfully at encouraging audience engagement and participation.  Please contact me if you would like to schedule a demonstration.


Hands On Workshops

Hands on Workshops are so much fun!  These workshops provide me the most opportunities to work with participants on a more individual basis, creating the most effective growth and learning.  I have experience teaching all sorts of mixed groups from 20 adults, to 30 middle schoolers, and everything in between.  This ain't my first Rodeo!


Private Lessons

Private Lessons are available most evenings in my studio, which is equipped with all the equipment and tools any student could need, and most of the ones they could want.  Private students have access to the studio and can also participate in firings at my studio.  My studio is not on wheels, so this only applies to people willing to travel to San Angelo.  If you are interested in a private intensive workshop, I can provide lodging options and open studio time for independent work time.